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A personalised scentific approch to running performance

At Running Health Point, we bring a scientific and a personalised approach. We help athletes of any age and experience to improve, maintain, or simply work on their running goals; whilst improving their overall performance. 

Tanya, a long-time sportsperson, qualified sports nutritionist and Adelaide local, loves working closely with her clients. She assesses not just their physical performance, but their nutritional and mental performance too. Her core role is making sure her clients are in a position to influence their sporting ability in the best way possible and achieve their goals. 


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Physical Performance

With not just an extensive knowledge of all things sport and health-related but also the lived experience needed to apply it, Tanya can talk with her clients about improving their running performance through their physical health. Tanya offers individual guidance on injury prevention, how to effectively stretch and target the right muscles, and how to maintain good overall physical health. Using state of the art technology to analyze the individual running technique an provide modifications where needed. Finally, she provides personalized training schedules depending on the runners individual goals. 

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In addition, with a gym partnership program, her clients can be referred to gyms and the equipment they offer, all the while following their personalised program.


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Mental Performance

Well aware of the various mental barriers a runner may face—and the effect said barriers may have on one’s performance—Tanya has used her years of experience in sport, health, meditation and mindfulness to support her client’s mental performance through a change in mindset. With relatively simple mindfulness, meditation and motivation techniques, Tanya helps her clients break down their mental barriers, in all stages of running. As a result, there is an overall improvement in their performance, as well as in their general mindset that positively impacts every aspect of the individuals life.


Nutrition Performance

As a sports nutrition expert and an endurance runner herself, Tanya knows the importance of nutritional health and how it’s linked to both physical and mental health. She works closely with her clients to create individualised nutrition plans, recommending snacks, recipes, and cooking methods that suit the clients’ ability, schedule, and practical needs. But that’s not where the story ends…Tanya provides continuing support and guidance as a standard service, as clients progress based on the latest nutritional advice and nutrition periodization depending on the training, race or recovery needs of the athlete.

Why Choose Running Health Point?

No stranger to the nutrition and food space, and a strong advocate of scientifc evidence based information, Tanya has a history in clinical nutrition in the sport environment. This, combined with her 20+ years of endurance sport experience (running, swimming, and hiking), means that she is in a unique position to not just give her clients’ the most up-to-date scientific sporting advice, but to empathise and deeply understand her clients’ issues, roadblocks, and goals.


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A personalised approach based on science, to physical, mental, and nutritional performance with all of her clients—whether an elite athlete, an endurance runner, or someone who simply wants to keep fit—means that Tanya can offer the most in-depth guidance a runner requires. 

In the world we live in today, Tanya provides face to face service, in Adelaide, as well as virtual one, to accommodate her clients schedule and busy life as well as their place of residence.

To get the best running health advice, get in touch with Tanya from Running Health Point today!