Running Coach and Nutritionist in Adelaide:

Tanya Caro (MSc, BSc)

As a long-standing athlete and now a sports nutritionist and running coach in Adelaide, it’s hard to believe that 20 years have passed since I started training, and found my passion for endurance sports.

I started serious training in open water swimming, completing two distance crossings in the ocean and one international competition in a lake. I spent as much time as I could swimming and it wasn’t until an illness happened that forced me to look for a different sport.

As a person for whom sport is not only part of their life but IS their life, I had to find a new sport that substituted swimming. That’s when running came into view. 

I have to say, I was definitely not a runner when I started. I couldn’t even run for more than  3 minutes before I was completely out of breath. Building up my running distance was a slow process and required a lot of time and consistency.

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My first race was a 10km one and I remember the feeling of joy and self-accomplishment when I crossed the finish line…I felt invincible! Between you and me, it was an extremely slow 10km (1 hour and 15 minutes) but I didn’t care. And so, my love for running, races, and pushing myself to do longer distances began. The marathon is currently my longest distance, but I am in the process of breaking into Ultras.

As with swimming, it was while recovering from a running injury that I found my other “sport hobby”, as I call it. Trekking became a way to diversify my training sessions and push myself to new and different limits, finding a new way to embrace the mountains. I trekked to Everest Base Camp—a life changing experience—and now, hopefully, my next stop will be Mt Kilimanjaro.

To quote William Barclay, “Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory.”

I look forward to helping you turn your sports performance journey from endurance to glory.


Qualifications Despite a long history in the pharmaceutical industry, Tanya has always had a passion for sport, exercise, and nutrition. Tanya has a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Food Science, together with a Masters Degree in Environmental Health. She has previously worked with Mexican Olympic Team of Synchronised Swimming and has also had a publication in the Journal of Dairy Research. She completed  a diploma in Performance Nutrition from the Institute of Performance Nutrition (London), that holds international recognition, to further improve her knowledge. She will be furthering her career in the sport nutrition research area. 

With her constant interest in learning and being up to date with the latest scientific publications in the subjects, Tanya provides the best possible up to date and evidence based coahing. She has a unique  individualised approach as a running coaching, nutrition plans for the individual needs and mindset techniques to increase performance. Tanya offers a 360 degree coaching style to help her runners achieve their performance goals.

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Years of Interest in Intense Physical Pursuits

An active sports person for over 20 years, Tanya continues to enjoy training, competing, and staying active. With six full marathons, four ultramarathons and countless half-marathons under her belt, she has also competed in the World Master FINA open-water swimming representing Mexico. As well as some high-altitude trekking and multi-day hikes, her endeavours include:

10km swim, Cancun to Isla Mujeres (Mexico)

11.5km swim, Acapulco (Mexico)

3km swim, FINA Masters World Championship (Sweden)

6 full marathons (Mexico, USA and Australia)

Countless half-marathons (Mexico, USA, and Australia)

Everest Base Camp (Nepal)

Overland Track, Tasmania  X 2 (Hiking 6 days and Running 21 hrs 46 min)



53 km Trail Run

12 hr Race (88 km) Podium Finish

72 hr Race (244 km) Podium Finish


Why Choose Running Health Point?

Along with a thorough and studied approach to physical, mental, and nutritional health, Tanya’s continued passion for sport and exercise; informs her practice as a running coach and nutritionist in Adelaide and in the virtual world. Understanding, and empathetic of the fact that every athlete starts at a different place, she personalises her clients training and advice to suit their needs.

To improve your fitness and performance, supported by a highly qualified Adelaide running coach, get in touch with Tanya from Running Health Point today!

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