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Nutrition, the simple act of obtaining the nourishment needed for survival, is deceptively vital to all areas of one’s performance and health. As the right nutrition coach in Adelaide can tell you, nutrition not only has a big impact on physical performance—whether that be injury recovery, muscle-building, body composition goals, or simply feeling healthier—but also on mental performance too, affecting things like concentration, focus, and energy. According to the South Australian Sports Institute, athletes need ‘sound nutrition strategies in order to support good health, minimise the risk of injury or illness and increase overall performance’

Of course, nutritional health is more complex than a simple ‘diet’ or the foods we eat—something that Tanya from Running Health Point knows well. With years of clinical and studied experience as a sports nutritionist, Tanya is aware that, much like making sure you’re putting the right fuel into your car, being nutritionally healthy will ensure that you’re on a better footing to be physically healthy and strong. 

sports nutritionist adelaide
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Running Health Point can help with:

Personalised Nutrition Planning & Advice

Tanya specialises in an individualised, personalised approach to nutritional advice, preferring to have an open discussion with clients about their nutritional health and performance goals to see what is best for them. Tanya assists clients by creating a menu plan and program based on their individual needs and physical starting point. She provides expert advice on menu planning for athletes, suitable and practical recipes, and the exercise or training regimen that would best suit the goals they want to achieve.

Personalised Nutrition Planning
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Direct Involvement & Support

Tanya is well aware that a nutrition plan is not just a one-time fix; a training diet and nutrition plan must be about promoting ‘the short and long-term health of athletes’ and be ever responsive to changing goals and priorities. Standing by this philosophy, Tanya provides continuing up-to-date nutrition-plan support to clients, including updating menu plans, recommending snacks and recipes, and making sure clients are on track with physical performance goals.

Fully qualified as a sports nutritionist in Adelaide

 Tanya discovered that her passion in life is for sports nutrition and health. Along with a significant background in athletics (hiking, trekking, swimming, and running, to name a few), Tanya is an accredited nutritionist with a focus on sport nutrition. Committed to her craft, and keeping up to date with the latest scientific information, she is currently completing a diploma in sports nutrition.

Why Choose Running Health Point?

As a dedicated sports person and sports nutritionist in Adelaide, Tanya always endeavours to follow the latest nutritional advice and maintain excellent health herself, making it easier for her to encourage and inspire her clients to do the same. Conscious of the fundamental role nutrition plays in improving all other areas of sports performance, Tanya avoids the ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to nutrition and increased physical performance. She works with clients individually and professionally to ensure she is giving the most accurate and current nutritional and physical performance advice available.

Contact Tanya at Running Health Point today for the best sports nutritionist advice in Adelaide.