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Too often overlooked, mental training and mindset is one of the first things an athlete should consider when looking to improve their overall sports performance and abilities. Encompassing anything from anxiety, lack of motivation, performance, self-esteem and self-confidence, mental performance informs and influences the way an athlete thinks about themselves, their abilities, and their habits—whether that be physical, nutritional, or otherwise. As an increasing number of high-profile Australian athletes are finding, maintaining one’s positive mindset with simple mindfulness and meditation techniques is increasingly essential.


Qualified nutritionist and long-time sportsperson herself, Tanya from Running Health Point is well-versed in the myriad of mental barriers that an athlete may face. Based in Adelaide, Tanya is equipped with various methods of meditation, mindfulness, and obstacle-overcoming  techniques to use pre, during or post running, to better her athletes’ short and long-term mental performance.

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Running Health Point can help with:

Breaking Down Mental Barriers

Especially common in endurance sports, in which Tanya specialises, athletes often find themselves unable to maintain or enhance their performance. Their mental strength is crucial to succeed in these types of sports.

Mental barriers can present themselves in different forms and at different times. Going from a simple lack of motivation to train, either due to physical reasons like tiredness, or external conditions like weather; to fighting against giving up during a race when your body is shutting down from pain and extreme fatigue.

With her years of experience in the field, Tanya can help her clients understand that, often, the only thing holding them back is themselves. She uses personalised advice using mindfulness & meditation techniques to help her clients develop the right mindset with which to overcome any barriers they may face.

meditation adelaide

Mindfulness and Meditation Methods, Adelaide

While the direct effect of meditation and mindfulness techniques on one’s actual athletic ability is still up for debate, the benefits of both on one’s general health are almost endless. From relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, and improving sleep patterns to improving balance, concentration, control, and awareness, the indirect effect meditation has on an athlete’s ability to enjoy, understand, and alter their view of training—and thus enhance their performance—is staggering. 

Tanya understands this and, experienced both personally and professionally in a wide variety of mindfulness and meditation techniques, is able to identify and provide individualised advice using techniques and recordings.

Why Choose Running Health Point?

With over two decades’ worth of endurance sports experience, Tanya knows exactly the type of help an athlete—whether professional or amateur—needs in regards to the mental state.

A key skill in endurance  sports is the mental strength; Tanya provides advice and techniques to help the positive mental state of each client depending on their individual needs. At Running Health Point, clients can also find defferent types of recordings to keep a positive mindset, continue with a motivation program and meditations to achieve a successful relaxation. 

Tanya is a firm believer in the power of the mind over the body and that what you belive you creat. She applies this to the advice she gives clients, making sure she does as much as she can to help them creat a strong positive mindset to support them achieve their performance goals.

For the best mental performance, contact Tanya from Running Health Point today.