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Sports performance is, according to Encyclopedia.com, ‘a complex mixture of biomechanical function, emotional factors, and training techniques’ with four major dimensions—skill, strength, endurance, and recovery. In other words, there’s far more to your physical health and fitness level than just practice. Whether you’re a professional athlete, occasional sportsperson, or even just someone who works out on weekends, optimal physical health depends on not just the four areas, but on mindset, accurate nutrition, and the know-how to tackle all the above. 

Tanya, a sport nutritionist and lifelong athlete, from Running Health Point, not only has a deep knowledge and understanding of running, but has the lived experience needed to tackle her clients’ sports performance needs. Along with discussing nutritional needs and mindset, with a scientific evidence based focuse, Tanya can help with:

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Running Health Point can help with:

Injury Prevention

Strength training and conditioning methods help clients to enhance their physical performance, improve their strength, and protect against injuries. Tanya offers a range of exercises and advice to prevent common running injuries. In the same way, if a runner has just recovered from an injury, Tanya will help them get back into running in a safe and effctive maner.

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injury prevention

Stretching & Muscle Targeting Advice

This advice is not just about the best ways to stretch for the type of exercise, but also conditioning specific muscles and areas of the body. Every person is unique physially, and thus have an individualized way of running. As a consecuence, muscles in the body will work different from person to person. Tanya helps her clients by ussing a range of  exercises to help them strech and condition specific muscles to get the most out of their physical health programs.

Personalised Running Performance Training

Clients running programs and training skills will differ depending on where they are in their performance journey and what their goals are. Understanding a clients needs is essential to help them achieve their performance goal.

Tanya prefers to work with clients one on one, to inspire, support, and encourage them, through their training. Providing her clientes with the skills necesary to do the sport they love in a safe and healthy manner is at the core of her values as a coach. She provides individual training plans depending on her clients goal.

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Gait Analysis

State of the art technology that provides a complete analysis on how an individual runs and the way their body moves with each step. Running Health Point is one of the few places where runners can get their gait analysis done in Adelaide, and have an idividualized training plan to go with it.

Tanya can provide a gait analysis to those who that want to imporve their running style to achieve higher performance in their runs and come closer to achivieng their personal best! Gait analysis also helps Tanya have an indepth understanding on what modifications are required to prevent a running or walking injury.

Partnering with Local Gyms

Tanya works with gyms near and far in Adelaide to build lasting relationships with their owners, especially those without an in-house nutritionist. Gym members can be referred to Tanya for help, or Tanya’s clients referred to gyms for memberships, allowing Tanya to easily demonstrate and create exercise plans for her clients with the equipment the gyms have on offer.

Why Choose Running Health Point?

A qualified scientist in the nutrition and food space, Tanya has a history in both clinical nutrition and over two decades’ worth of athletic (running, trekking, and hiking) pursuits. As a result, she is passionate about helping others in Adelaide to achieve peak sports performance. She does this through providing individual running coaching with state of the art technology, but also via nutritional and mental advice. In fact, she focuses on anything that can affect one’s physical ability. 

Running Health Point works with clients on an individualised basis to develop the safest, most sensible, and most effective  performance program available.

To get the best sports performance advice in Adelaide, get in contact with Tanya at Running Health Point today!

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